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Foam Cannon with Hand Wash Mitt

Foam Cannon with Hand Wash Mitt

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Our foam cannon is one of the easiest to use and at the best price out there. Quickly soap down your car, boat, RV, or any solid surface that needs a good clean.  The foam's clinging action helps to encapsulate and lift dirt, grime, and salt residue. Apply the foam and hit it with the included hand wash mitt for a sparkling clean finish on your car, boat, truck, RV - whatever needs a good clean. Works on any solid surface — fiberglass, metal, plastic, vinyl and more. Just add soap, connect to a hose, and get to work.



  • Includes our premium chenille microfiber wash mitt - gentle on delicate surfaces and machine washable (10.5" long x 7" wide x 2.5" thick)
  • Foam cannon provides superior foam coverage for a thorough and even cleaning
  • Easy hose connection - works with standard garden hoses!
  • Control the amount of foam with the sud dial
  • Gentle no-touch soap application minimizes the risk of scratches or damage
  • Speeds up cleaning time — apply foam, quick-release cannon body from hose, and rinse
  • Pair it with our Boat Cleaner Wash & Wax Soap Concentrate for best results


How the Foam Cannon Works:

Connect the foam cannon to any standard garden hose. Add soap to the foam cannon reservoir, and top with fresh water. Our foam cannon comes with a hose nozzle with a thumb control making it easy to adjust how much pressure you want to apply to the surface you're working on. The sud dial on the top allows you to increase or decrease the amount of foam you want the cannon to produce. Simply spray the nozzle to begin applying foam. Use the quick-release connection at the top of the cannon to remove the reservoir section and rinse down your surface with fresh water. 
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