About Captains' Boat Cleaning Kits

Our boat cleaning kits are designed to provide everything you need for a comprehensive and cost-effective cleaning solution. Each kit includes a variety of high-quality boat cleaning supplies, from wash soaps and brushes to scrub pads and polishing cloths, ensuring you have all the essentials for a thorough clean. Whether you're a seasoned boater or new to marine maintenance, our boat cleaning kits are the perfect solution to keep your vessel looking its best. Captains currently offers several boat cleaning kit options. The bigger the kit, the bigger the discount!

Boat Cleaning Kit FAQs

What supplies should you keep in your boat cleaning kit?

We all know boats require careful maintenance to keep them looking and running their best. As a boat owner, you should keep some standard boat cleaning supplies on hand for regular use. We recommend your boat cleaning kit include: a quality bucket, dirt trap, boat soap, wash mitt, sponge, boat brush for scrubbing the deck and hull, and chamois mop or shammy towel for drying. These are the basics you’ll need to keep your boat in top condition. 

How often should you restock a boat cleaning kit?

Some items in your kit may last you years, like your bucket, dirt trap, or foam cannon. Others may wear out with time and need to be replaced each season. These may include your wash mitt, shammy towel, microfiber rags, and sponges. Of course you will want to replace your boat soap and cleaners whenever they get used up. Typically, it’s more economical to buy boat cleaning products as kits, which may affect your decision to restock your kit with individual items or purchase a new kit.