About Captains' Boat Brushes, Handles, and Heads

Explore our extensive collection of deck scrub brushes designed to tackle tough marine grime and keep your boat's deck looking pristine. Crafted from durable materials and featuring sturdy bristles, our deck scrub brushes offer superior cleaning power without causing damage to delicate surfaces. Whether you're scrubbing away stubborn dirt, algae, or mildew, our brushes are up to the task, providing efficient and effective cleaning for your deck, hull, or any solid surface.

Boat Brush FAQs

What is a boat deck brush?

A boat deck brush is typically a large brush with a long handle, similar to a push-broom in design. Deck brushes are designed specifically for cleaning the high-traffic areas of your boat. They tend to have a medium or standard bristle hardness for scrubbing away stubborn dirt. Boat deck brushes are usually used in combination with a boat cleaner to loosen up grime so it can be hosed off with clean water.

Boat deck brushes are excellent for cleaning off salt residue, muddy footprints, fish remains, bird poop, and just about anything that accumulates on your boat’s deck.

How many boat cleaning brushes do you need on a boat?

The number of boat brushes you need depends on the type and size of your boat. Typically, if a boat has multiple surface types that require different bristle hardnesses, you will need more than one boat brush. Bristle types range from super-soft to soft, medium, and hard. Each bristle hardness is best used for different types of surfaces, some for delicate surfaces like isinglass, others for more durable surfaces like the boat deck. 

Aside from standard boat brushes, you may want a handheld scrub brush for getting into crevices and removing tough dirt and stains. These can be great for fish boxes and even the gunnels of your boat.

What is the best handle attachment style for a boat brush?

Seasoned captains and those who are on their boats day-in and day-out will tell you that screw-on brush handles are not the way to go. As you scrub, the brush head tends to loosen up and come unscrewed, requiring you to re-tighten the handle over and over.

Instead, we recommend a quick-lock push-button attachment for boat brush handles. This allows for a secure attachment and easy removal to switch to a different handle or brush head. All Captains Preferred Products brushes and handles feature quick-lock push-button connections for maximum compatibility and ease of use.