About Captains' Boat Cleaners and Soaps

Clean and restore your boat's finish with our premium quality boat cleaners. Our gentle boat wash soap is formulated for use on hulls, decks, and solid surfaces. Our soap is biodegradable, effectively removing dirt, salt residue, and grime without harming the marine environment.

Boat Cleaner & Boat Soap FAQs

How much boat cleaner do you need to wash a boat?

The answer to this depends on the size of your boat and the type of cleaner being used. Many boat cleaners are concentrated, meaning you mix a small amount with water to make your washing liquid. 

Captains Preferred Products Wash & Wax Boat Cleaner is concentrated, and it only takes one capful of cleaner to make one gallon of washing liquid. This means, to fill a five-gallon bucket with washing liquid, it would take only five capfuls of boat cleaner concentrate. 

Can you wash a boat with car soap?

The short answer is, you shouldn’t. Boats are unique in that they come in direct contact with our oceans and waterways. Because of this, it is recommended to only use marine-safe biodegradable boat cleaners and soaps when washing your boat. On the other hand, using boat soap to wash your car is perfectly fine. 

What boat cleaner should I use for the hull of my boat?

Boat hull cleaners come in various types. The right hull cleaner for you will depend on your needs. For regular washing, a wash & wax boat soap will be sufficient. This will remove dirt and grime buildup from the surface of your hull. If you have rust and tannin stains, you may need an acid-based hull cleaner. This type of cleaner uses a chemical reaction to remove tough hull stains.