About Reel 'Em Up Lures

Reel 'Em Up Lures was founded in 2019 by Nick Heisler. Nick grew a love for fishing at an early age. As he began entering offshore fishing competitions with his dad, he realized they were going through a lot of pricey tournament tackle with each rig. Wanting to come up with a line of trolling lures that didn’t break the bank, Nick decided to create his own line.

Since REUL was established, the goal has been the same, to bring the highest quality fishing lure to the industry. We tested our lures many times in order to finalize and bring you the best product possible. Our lures have been through many tests such as endurance and weather conditions to tournament fishing, and our Reel 'Em Up Lures have prevailed! The end goal is to provide a variety of lures from inshore to offshore as well as products that will help any fisherman upgrade his or her tackle game.

Our line of offshore fishing lures might just be the best trolling lures you’ll ever use. They produce just as well - if not better - than similar lures you’ve seen on the market. Immediately upon creating Reel ‘Em Up Lures, Nick was approached by competitive tournament fishermen wanting to use them on their own rigs. Seeing the results our lures get - they’ve consistently come back for more Reel ’Em Up Lures. Check out our selection of colors and sizes, and get prepared reel ‘em up!