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Spotless Car Wash Kit

Spotless Car Wash Kit

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Captains Spotless Car Wash Kit is your go-to solution for maintaining a squeaky clean ride. Complete with a shammy, wash mitt, wash & wax soap, microfiber rags, wax applicators, and eraser sponges, this kit offers a comprehensive range of war washing supplies. Whether your truck is caked with mud or you're looking for the perfect shine on your sports car, this kit is sure to serve you well.



(1) Premium Shammy Drying Towel - Soak up any remaining water after a wash and keep those water spots at bay. Super absorbent, this shammy measures 25" x 17".

(1) Premium Wash Mitt - Made of thick chenille microfiber material, this mitt holds lots of suds for a supreme lather and maximum cleaning power.

(1) Gallon Bottle of Wash & Wax Soap Concentrate - Made strong to tackle even the filthiest cleaning tasks, our soap is biodegradable & safe for the environment. This concentrate goes a long way - just one cap of soap concentrate mixed with water makes 1 gallon of washing liquid. Safe for use on boats, cars, trucks & RVs.

(10) Microfiber Rags - Our soft microfiber cloths are perfect for taking on a range of cleaning and polishing tasks - from drying to wiping down your interior. Our cloths feature a  85% polyester, 15% polyamide blend - making them soft yet durable and leaving no lint behind. 

(3) Wax Applicator Pads - Our wax applicator pads feature a finger pocket for easy hand-application of waxes, sealants, and more. These work great on ceramic coatings and other solid surfaces.

(3) Eraser Sponges - Buff out marks and scuffs from your car's exterior and interior with these white eraser sponges. Extra large in size for easy gripping.

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