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Reel 'Em Up Lures

9" Stripe Candy Bevel Head Trolling Lure

9" Stripe Candy Bevel Head Trolling Lure

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Lure Description

We combined the stripe colors with the bevel head and a glow in the dark skirt to create a blue water killer. This trolling lure is designed to stay submerged and then flash in the waters to attract fish to the spread so you can Reel Em Up.

Lure Specs

  • Trolling Speed: 3-9 knots (depending on fish)
  • Position: All (depending on fish)
  • Face Type: Bevel Head
  • Length: 1 1/2 Inch Head / 7 1/2 Inch Skirt
  • Fish Type: Dolphin, Wahoo, Marlin
  • Brand: Reel Em Up Lures
  • Weight: 2.4 oz

Pre-Rigged Option

You can choose to have us pre-rig the lure for you for an additional $15. Each pre-rigged lure comes with:

  • Size 7/0 Mustad Stainless Southern & Tuna Big Game Hook
  • 7 feet of 150lb monofilament leader
  • Chafe gear
  • Professional crimping

Why Reel Em Up?

It's simple: We're successful deep sea fishermen that wanted an alternative to the big box / name brand lures. These are 100% USA made by us and used by us, including on our charters. Give them a cast!

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