About Captains' Boat Cleaning Supplies

Elevate your cleaning game with our comprehensive selection of premium boat cleaning supplies. From our boat cleaner soaps to deck scrub brushes, our collection offers everything you need to keep your vessel looking its best. Whether you’re cleaning the hull, removing salt residue, or polishing surfaces to a mirror-like finish, our boat cleaning supplies make it easy to achieve a professional-grade clean.

Boat Cleaning FAQs

When is the best time to clean your boat?

Recommended cleanings vary based on your boat type and use. Generally, it’s recommended that you clean freshwater boats once a month or every third or fourth use. Saltwater boats require more frequent cleaning. You should wash your boat after every use in saltwater. More thorough cleanings can happen seasonally. Learn more in our learning center.

What are the parts of the boat that need cleaning?

Key parts of the boat that need regular cleaning include: hull, deck, vinyl boat seats, pontoons, windows, fish boxes, windshield, carpet, gel-coat and fiberglass surfaces, and the engine.

What supplies do you need to clean a boat?

To properly clean a boat you will need a bucket, deck brush, sponge or wash mitt, boat cleaner soap, microfiber cloths, a shammy drying towel, and fresh water.

A few other tools can make the job much easier though. Those include a dirt trap for your bucket, shammy mop, soap cannon, vinyl cleaner, boat erasers, and a water blade squeegee for drying. For engine cleaning, you will want an engine flush mixer for salt removal.