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How to Clean a Microfiber Wash Mitt — The Right Way

Your high-quality microfiber wash mitt isn’t a disposable, single-use item; proper care for it can make it last for multiple cleanings in a row, and the longer you use it, the farther you’ll stretch your dollars! That’s particularly important if you own a boat, as you know that it will soak up enough of your dollars as it is. 

Use Microfiber Cleaners and Soaps

Your first task is finding a cleaner that’s formulated for microfiber cloths and mitts. While regular detergent is perfect for cleaning clothes, it’s really only for cleaning away organic materials, such as food, sweat, grass stains, and some common substances like makeup or deodorant. Microfiber cleaners will wash away the inorganic waxes, such as the polishes, sealants, and other chemicals that are commonly used during boat washing

Steps for Cleaning Your Microfiber Wash Mitt

Here are some steps to take to keep your mitts in great shape for as long as possible:

Get Rid of Debris

Before you get to washing, ensure that you remove any leaves, small twigs, bug remnants, and other such detritus from your microfiber wash mitts. It can be incredibly difficult to detangle debris from a mitt’s fibers once you wash one with foreign objects already in it.

Debris can also end up on your other microfiber cloths as well, and once that happens, it’s no longer good for detail work. You run the risk of scratching in your finish with the embedded objects, so it’s best to just throw it out and get a new one.

Pre-Treat Any Stains

Apply a degreaser to any smudges or stains on your mitts and let them soak for a few hours before immediately washing them. Getting rid of these blots and smears is about more than just making your mitts look pretty; it’s about eliminating ground-in dirt from your mitts that can make its way onto your boat’s finish during a wash.

Only Wash the Mitts With Other Microfiber Towels

Don’t just toss your mitt into the laundry with your shirts and pants. Wash mitts pick up lots of particles and chemicals that may react with your regular clothes in ways you don’t like, so you’re better off washing all your boat and car-washing microfiber cloths together in their own load.

As for washing microfiber mitts with other types of towels, such as terry cloth, that’s a big “no” as well! Microfiber is designed to grab onto cotton fibers and lint, so washing and drying them together will just result in a lint-laden mitt!

Wash in Cold Water

Don’t subject your microfiber towels to high water temperatures, as they’ll melt beyond 140 degrees. In addition, it’s best to use a medium spin speed since high speeds can damage your towels. 

Wipe Out Your Washing Machine Afterward

As mentioned, microfiber towels used for cleaning boats and cars can gather some nasty chemicals, so if you use the same washing machine for your clothes and your towels or mitts, make sure you wipe out the machine’s drum afterward. Alternatively, you can purchase a separate machine just for washing your microfiber items.

Dry Your Mitts on Low Heat

If you have to dry your microfiber towels in the dryer, only do so on low heat, never use dryer sheets, and make sure there’s no leftover lint in the dryer by cleaning out the trap and wiping down the interior. 

The act of machine drying the towels won’t get rid of all the lint embedded in them, but you can hang your microfiber towels out to dry if you have a location where they won’t get exposed to dust, pollen, or other allergens.

Storing Your Dry Mitts

To ensure your mitts won’t pick up any foreign objects or be mixed in with regular towels, keep them in a plastic storage container. You can also go one step further and organize your microfiber mitts and towels by type. If you have some mitts reserved for cleaning the upholstery and others for the hull, for instance, you can have separate, labeled containers for them.

Start Cleaning With Quality Wash Mitts From Captains Preferred Products

Your cleaning efforts will only be as good as the mitts you use. Captains Preferred Products uses 70/30 microfiber blend chenille for scratch-free cleaning, and though it’s the perfect recipe for longevity, it’s still important to properly care for your mitts! After all, you’ve invested in a boat, so invest in the tools you use to keep it clean and in great shape, too!


When it comes to keeping your boat clean, look to Captains Preferred Products boat cleaning supplies. Find everything you need to keep your vessel squeaky clean all season — always at the best prices.

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