Foam Cannon


Captains Preferred Products foam cannon effortlessly transforms your boat cleaning routine with thick, luxurious foam that clings to surfaces, lifting away dirt, grime, and salt residue.



The Captains Preferred Products Foam Cannon is one of the best in the competition. The sud dial on the top allows you to limit how much soap you want the cannon to produce. It is a great tool to have in the detailing industry and makes it quick to soap your boat or your car down. Our foam cannon comes with a hose nozzle with a thumb control making it easy to adjust how much pressure you want to apply to the surface you’re working on.


  • Superior foam coverage ensures thorough and even cleaning
  • Clinging action helps lift and encapsulate dirt, grime, and salt residue
  • Gentle on boat surfaces, minimizing the risk of scratches or damage
  • Quicker and more efficient cleaning process
  • Used on various surfaces, including fiberglass, metal, plastic, and vinyl
  • Results in a polished finish


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