Grit / Dirt Trap Bucket Insert


Keep your cleaning / scrubbing brushes, mitts and sponges clean with the bucket dirt trap insert. Dirt and Grime settle to the bottom, with the dirt trap preventing your cleaning accessories from retaining dirt. Prevent scratches on your boats, yachts, airplanes, cars, vehicles, etc.




Maintain that expensive finish on your boat, water vessel, vehicle, airplane with this bucket dirt trap insert. Keep your wash, degreaser or cleaner free from loose debris. Dirt from your brushes, sponges and mitts settle down below the dirt trap, keeping your cleaning liquid clean. This prevents scratches in your exterior finish, decking and surface areas as you work.


  • Made of durable materials that will last for years
  • Has specifically placed finger holes for easy removal once inserted
  • Fits into all standard 5 gallon buckets

Additional information

Weight .35 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2.375 in


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