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Introducing the Captain’s Preferred All Around Cleaning Kit: Your all-in-one solution for a clean vehicle. This kit includes: Wash & Wax Soap, Braided Rope handle bucket, Dirt Trap, Hand Wash Mitt, Shammy, One Brush Head and Brush Handle. (You get to choose which bristle style you want).

Our Premium Wash & Wax Soap paired with a braided rope handle 5 gallon bucket and dirt trap insert ensures your soapy solution remains clean, preserving your boat / vehicle’s finish. The hand wash mitt, crafted from a premium chenille microfiber blend, guarantees gentle yet effective washing on all boat surfaces, from fiberglass to painted finishes. Finish your cleaning session with our ultra-absorbent shammy towel, expertly designed to prevent water spots and protect all surfaces.

Also included is our high quality brush head / brush handle combination. Our brush heads are 9 inches in diameter, made of solid wood with a rubber bumper guard. You can pick from 3 bristle types (soft, medium or hard).

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Captains Preferred Products All Around Cleaning Kit provides our best cleaning accessories coupled with our top-selling wash & wax and our high-quality brush & brush head. This kit provides everything needed to keep your vehicle (boat, yacht, automobile, or airplane in pristine/presentable shape). Our kits are used by enthusiasts and industry professionals.

Brush Head & Handle: 1 deck brush head with choice of soft, medium or hard bristle. The brush head is made of solid wood with a rubber bumper guard to protect from scratches. The handle is a stainless steel telescoping handle that extends from 3 to 6 feet and includes a locking pin to keep the handle from pushing in. Extremely reliable compared to similar screw-style poles.

Wash & Wax Soap: 1 Gallon wash & wax soap that was manufactured for the boating industry, but is formulated for use on vehicles, airplanes, decks, boats, cars / trucks and more. Tough on stains, yet provides an excellent wax finish. 2 steps in one!

5-Gallon Bucket with Dirt Trap Insert: Crafted for the meticulous boat owner, this bucket ensures that your cleaning solutions remain free from unwanted debris. The added dirt trap insert is a marvel in its own right – its primary function is to allow dirt from brushes, sponges, and mitts to settle at the bottom. This keeps the cleaning liquid clean, preventing potential scratches to your exterior finish, decking, and other sensitive areas. Made from robust materials built to endure, it’s a staple that will serve you for years. The thoughtfully placed finger holes ensure easy removal of the insert, and its universal design fits into all standard 5-gallon buckets.

Premium Wash Mitt: This isn’t just any wash mitt. Tailored for boat applications, its made of a luxurious chenille microfiber blend that ensures longevity and utmost care. Whether you’re dealing with fiberglass, gel coat, painted surfaces, or oil finishes, this mitt works wonders without causing any scuffs or scratches. And its versatility doesn’t stop at washing – it’s equally effective dry, making it perfect for dusting tasks.

Premium Shammy Towel: Drying your boat is a breeze with this premium shammy towel. Measuring at 25×17, it’s the perfect size to handle large and small tasks. From drying off washed boats to wiping down windows, its super-absorbent nature ensures no water spots are left behind. It’s not just about function; it’s about protection. Its lint-free design ensures that every wipe is scratch-free, and its medium blue color is a nod to the deep, captivating ocean.

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Weight 13.9 lbs
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Soft, Medium, Hard


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